Potty training course for daycare and nurseries

Children are spending increasingly more time away from home, like daycare centers. Therefore these become an integral part on raising kids and therefore also potty training them. Children will lose their diaper typically between 1,5-4 years old, exactly the age where they are spending time in the daycare.

What you learn from this potty training for professionals

You understand better and more professional what it takes to potty train a child. Because you are working within a simple framework of 5 steps, this is very efficient and easy to apply. Besides that, it is also fun to do, both for children as for the caretakers. In the end, less diapersis easier for the caretakers but also good for image and quality of the daycare center / nursery. What is nicer than to tell parents “Your child can go without diaper”.

Duration: 3 hours
Book: Potty training is as easy as children playing

Upon completion, a certificate is handed out to the caretaker.

Locatian: Nursery or daycare center

The book

Potty training is as easy as children playing

Debby has provided now on several occasions the training “potty training – as easy as children playing” to the foster parents linked to our agency “Kroostopvang”. The reactions are positive without exception!
Debby’s training is perceived as useful and an eye-opener. She provides tangible advise that can immediately be applied by the foster parent.
We are proud to be able to call on Debby’s expertise to further improve the quality of our agency and will continue to enjoy working with her.

Monique Tekstra-vanLochem

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